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Edward S- 7/29/2014


This is the second time I've used this company in a 6 month period. They did my original move when I had to move into storage. There were quite a few things that had to be resembled. The biggest being
my billiards table. I must say if I wasn't already impressed enough the first time.. The second time just blew me away. I downsized but still managed to fit most of my things into my new place. Harold even helped me with strategic placement of furniture to help me maximize the space in my house.
Once again they were definitely the RIGHT CHOICE. Thanks guys.



 This company was definitely the RIGHT CHOICE. Harold and his crew showed up on time and did a great job. 
All of his crew were clean cut professionals who wasted no time getting down to business. Everything went smoothly and the crew was very courteous and attentive to us and our concerns. The best part was when the bill came there really were no hidden charges. It was exactly what Harold said it would be. I would recommend this company to anyone.
They are honest hard working men who take pride in what they do. Something you don't see too much anymore. AWESOME!



Right away I could tell Harold and his crew knew what they were doing. They showed up on time and as Harold greeted me his guys unloaded equipment and pads and immediately started prepping for the move. His guys continued to pad wrap and move things as he went over the paper work with me. The next time i looked.. Only minutes later it seemed.. Almost the entire living room had been loaded onto the truck. All day long these guys kept up a good pace and were in high spirits. They made a tough job look easy and by the end of the job we were laughing and joking with each other. 
The bill was just what Harold said it would be. Just as we had discussed prior to the move. Originally I was thinking of going with a lower rate company. I'm glad I didn't. This may not be the cheapest company out there. But I'd have to say it was more than reasonable. Everything in my 3 bedroom home made it to the next place. Even the lamp shades.
It definitely was the RIGHT CHOICE.

Chris K - 2/25/2014


Wesley and Neil was quick and professional. I'll definitely use them again the next time I move. It definitely was the RIGHT CHOICE.
Kellye C. - 3/23/2014 


We called a few places to get quotes for moving a pool table. Harold sounded like he knew a lot about what was involved with moving a pool table, so we went with him. The night before the scheduled move,
I found a piano that I wanted. I called Harold on Sunday (the day of the pool table move), hoping he could squeeze in picking up the piano too. He didn't hesitate a bit - said he would make it work, and gave us a good deal on the price. As if that wasn't great enough, when they delivered the pool table, I was amazed at the time and care they put into putting it back together. They knew exactly what they were doing, and had the tools they needed to put the table back perfectly. All of the guys were nice, friendly, and hard working. We will definitely go with Right Choice for our future moving needs!